Mt. Park Dragway in Clay City, KY   Presents the....

Mopar Southern Classic




Some General Info: 

Mopar Takes On The World Saturday is open to any make and model including dragsters, Mopars will be paired with other makes as many pairs and rounds possible.

Racers are allowed to enter more than 1 class/day. 2 Drivers may run the same car, 1 driver may run 2 cars.

Crosstalk used in Top ET which is 7.99 & quicker, delay box, no throttle stop.

Transbrake allowed in Modified but not in Super ET

Q-16 is Delay Box, 1/8th Mile, Dial-in, Dragster & Doorcar allowed, 8 Mopars VS 8 Others 1st Rd. Q-16 Quailfyng will be called seperate from normal Time Runs.

1st Rd buy backs available each day, Buybacks run seperate 2nd Rd. then combine 3rd.

1st Rd. and Buyback Rd. Drawn, all others go by best winning R/T Rd. Prior, Bye carries until used.

Max Wedge/SS Hemi, Slant 6, & Super ET is 1/4 Mile, Top & Mod are 1/8th Mile.

Mins required for full pay: Sat; Top ET-60, Mod-40, Super-30, Sun; Top ET-50, Mod-40, Super-30.

The Car Show and Mopar Only Drag Racing Classes will be available for Mopar products only, including all Chrysler makes including Jeep & AMC as well as Dragsters and Altereds that are Mopar powered. 

Free camping, sorry no hookups. Concessions open from Time Trilas until final round. Coolers, grills, and properly contained campfires are allowed. Wristbands must be worn during the event. No Swap/Vendors Sales allowed until Sat.

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