Clay City's Annual Toys 4 Tots Thanksgiving Classic


Click Here For The pdf Flyer



Concession Stand will offer Granny's Homemade Breakfast Sunday morning


Event T-Shirts will be on sale.


ATVs & other pit vehicles are for adults age 16 and older only with a drivers license. Security will be on the grounds and keys will be removed for a violation.

Cross Talk will be used in Top ET

Buybacks for Bracket Classes will be First Round Only each day. Buybacks run seperate 2nd Round, then combine with all winners 3rd Round. Buybacks are sold at the Front Gate, a Buyback Card will be issued. Bring Card to lanes when called.

1st Round Bye Run will be drawn, following Byes go to best winning reaction time in previous round. Byes carry over until used.

Stage for the lane you want, when uneven, lane choice will be determined by card draw or coin toss.

Double entry info; Drivers may run more than 1 class in the same car, Box must be removed for Modified. 1 Driver may run up to 2 cars, 2 Drivers may run the same car, No 1 CAR MAY RUN MORE THAN TWICE IN A CLASS PER ROUND! Double entering will not allow any 1 Racer an additonal Time Trial unless it's in a 2nd car or different class, if a car has 2 drivers in the same class, each driver gets Time Runs.

No Gold Cards or IHRA banned drivers.