Update for this weekend

Please like and share our Facebook post to have a chance to win !! We are giving away 5 Free Carloads for Friday & 1 Free Weekend Entry for the HillBilly Showdown!
Schedule changes for Thursday night and this weekend! The weather doesn’t look very good for Thursday and then our supporting bracket racers have gave us a great idea for everyone involved!! 
Our Thursday Program will be moved to Friday and our Hillbilly Showdown will be Saturday & Sunday! We will have the 1,200 races 1st and then the 2,500! If you can’t make the 1st race then we will give you a time run before we start the 2nd race! 
Also for all of you Friday small tires or unlimited class racers! Tyler will have it prepped and you won’t be able to make any excuses not to show up! Give the track all you have !! So if you have a bad hot rod then show us!!
We have had calls from Mike Murillo, Brad Englain , & Jackie Knox that say that they will be here to join in the fun on our “No Excuse” race on Friday! Same gate fee on our “No Excuse ” race & same payouts!! Remember test & tune racers that it’s just a gate fee and no additional charge to test! 
For our Hillbilly Showdown we will open the gates at 8am on Saturday and we will start time runs at 9am! We will give 2 time runs and get going! We will start off with the Friday’s races 1st and then move into Saturday’s races !! We have no curfew and we will get all of our races in and we all will have a great time. Also we will take entry’s for the shootouts at the track!! Help us spread the word!! See you at the track!!