This coming weekend!

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Saturday June 24th ! Special 
“”””””2 points races in 1 day!!!”””””””

“”””Free Pizza & Drinks in between races””””

“””””MEET & GREET”””””

“””””SWAP MEET”””
Gates open at 8am on Saturday 
Jr Time Trials start at 10am

Big car time runs start at 11am
Points will be updated this week and we will have the list for everyone!! 
We will complete race number 1 and then we will have FREE Pizza and pop for everyone.
Then we will go into the second race !!
Both races payouts and entry fee
Guaranteed payouts and if we have over 80 entry’s in a class we will add to the purse in that class!!
Top ET

$1,500 winner

$500 runner up

$200 semi

$75 1/4’s
1 race entry fee is $40

1 race double entry fee is $60

2 race deal with 1 car is $75

2 race deal with double entry fee is $120

Buybacks $30
No Box 

$750 winner

$300 runner up

$100 semi

$40 1/4’s
1 race entry fee is $30

1 race with double entry’s $50

2 race with 1 entry $50

2 race with doubles is $85

Buybacks $25
Note after all of the races are over we will have a special scooter , golf cart, parents Jr race!!
1,000 payout based on 40 cars 
$30 1 entry or $50 to double!!

Parents can run the jrs in this race! 
Kids can run on the golf carts 

Late night fun at the city!!!
1/4 mile Super Street & Jrs will also have 2 points races !!

Both will pay 

$100 to the winner
$50 to the runner up

$25 to the semis
$20 to enter 1 race 

$30 to enter both 
Buybacks are $10 and 1st rd only unless we have less than 10 cars !!!!!
“”””Spectators $5 per person 

“””” kids 12 & under are FREE

No additional charge for setting up for the swap meet!!! 
July 1st we will have 

Wheel stander 

4.70 heads up show

Fast heads up classes 

We will also have a local wheelstander riding a lawn mower! Our 1 and only “EVIL KNIEVEL””

Plus more ! Flyer will be done shortly 
Our Hillbilly Showdown will be 

July 8th weekend!! Flyer coming!! 

Any questions pm me!!