Memorial Day Bash RESCHEDULED

Update on this weekend! It has rained a lot over night and we have made the decision to re schedule this Memorial Bash Weekend to

JUNE 9TH , 10TH , & 11TH

The pits are real wet and it’s still raining. We don’t want everyone miserable before we even start the weekend.

We will start JUNE 9th’s Fridays Race late to give plenty of time to get here & we will make a couple of changes!

It’s going to be $100 Entry for All 3 days and $150 to double all 3 days in Each Class!

All 3 Days will pay 2,000 to win in Each Class!!

Jrs it will be $250 on Sat and Sun to win
& $100 Runner Up for $20 a day or $30 for both

SS we will be putting something together for you all

More details coming the first of the week!

“””Also we still are going to going to do the school tomorrow and class will start at 10am””””

Pm me for details or if you need any information!

Sorry for the inconvenience but we look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks!

We know it’s the same weekend as the ULTIMATE 64 but we got the ok from them!