May 19th-21st

This Friday , Saturday, and Sunday!!

Ok racers spread the word and like this because we made a few changes to our normal program in each class!

This week at Mt Park!!

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This weeks schedule 1st Summit 2 Day Race


5/19Friday is TNT
Gates open at 5pm and runs start at 6pm

$5 per person for spectators
$10 more to TNT

Saturday 5/20 & Sunday 5/21

Regular points night & 1st Summit 2 day

$5 a person for spectators

Jrs $250 to the winner

A Trophy to the winner and to the runner up
$20 to enter
$10 buyback 1st and 2nd rd

Over 10 jrs pays $100 for Runner up

1/4 Super Street $250 to the winner and a trophy
$20 to enter
$10 buybacks 1st and 2nd rd

Over 30 entry’s we will pay $100 for runner up
Plus we will add a 3ft trophy to the winner and give another regular trophy for Runner Up

$1,000 to the winner
$200 to the runner up
$15 per rd starting with 3rd winners

With 40 or more entry’s
Less than 40 entry’s $600 to the winner
$25 entry & $40 to double entry
Buybacks $20 1st or 2nd rd

Top ET
$2,000 to the winner
$500 to the runner up
$15 per rd starting with 3rd winner
Above guaranteed
$60 to enter and $90 for doubles
Buybacks $35 1st or 2nd rd

Gates open at noon

Jrs time runs at 1pm

Big cars time runs at 3pm

Gates open at 9am

Jrs 1 time run at 9:30am

Big cars time run at 11am

$5 per person for spectators

Remember this is qualifiers for the run offs and for our local points!!

See you at the track!!