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There were several storylines for the first Points Race of MPD's 50th Anniversary Season. The season is young and there are still several racers who haven't readied their cars but the car counts for our 1st true bracket race were great. Even after at least 6 break passes were issued in the class, over 40 Top ET racers competed in the 1st. round. There was 24 Modified, 16 Super Street, & 10 Juniors and the competition was fierce making the many racers sitting on the sidelines wish their cars were ready and running. The quickest dial first round belonged to Brooke Warren who dialed 4.48 and went 4.489, the 2nd quickest dial first round went to Brian Thomas who dialed 4.52 and went 4.558. both racers won the first round and Brian, well lets just say he wasn't finished by no means. The closest to perfect reaction time during the night went to ?? with a .001 in the second round while the 2nd closest went to, here's that name again, Brian Thomas who had a .002 reaction time in the 4th round. Donnie Brown and car # 349 both were .001 above for first round wins and car # 38 went dead on with a zero, perfect run and still lost to a .002 R/T and .005 above run for, you guessed it, Brian Thomas. While the week prior had 7 dragsters and 1 doorcar left in the Qtrs, this weekend the doorcars came alive with 7 of 10 in the eights & 3 of 5 in the Qtrs. Once again Carl Drake, winner from the previous weekend, topped all the doorcars and made his way to the finals in his Camaro. Carl was on a streak but it seemed that no one could come close to Brian Thomas who won each match up including the finals.

Brian Thomas  Carl Drake

The finals in Top ET was a double break-out, Brian Thomas dialed 4.50, had an .016 R/T and went under by -.013. Carl Drake's Bye Run the round prior showed his car was slowing or so his crew thought, they were wrong. Carl dialed 5.82 and after a .029 R/T his car went a blistering 5.670 at almost 125 mph, -.150 under and well under Brian's break-out.

Modified (No-Box) was also very competitive with 2 stars shining brightest. The best reaction time of the 2nd round went to Shawn Corman who had a .009 out of the gate. Shawn won the round and went on to win 3 more pairings before being taken down in the semis by the eventual class winner. Mark Nunnelley had one of the best reaction times of the night with a .005 in the 3rd but couldn't find the breaks and went way to fast at the finish. The Modified cars were deadly with many dead on runs ruined by early leaves. Anthony Blackburn had a .003 Dead-on run in the 1st round, a -.001 red win to a much earlier red 2nd round, and an .014 3rd round on his way to the finals. Travis Snowden was on fire as well and that's not only in Modified, where he went to the finals against Anthony, but Travis made it all the way to the 5th round in Top ET where he had a .006 R/T to Gene Stanley's .014. Gene went on to win that round of Top ET making his way down to 3 cars in his Mustang left before succumbing to Brian Thomas' reign of terror.

Anthony Blackburn   Travis Snowden

The Finals of Modified ET featured Travis Snowden and Anthony Blackburn. Anthony kept up the pressure he'd been exerting all night when he cut a .008 reaction time (footbraking!) in the finals to Travis' respectable .034. There was little Travis could do but try to stay with Anthony at the stripe and the result was a double break-out with Anthony -.017 under and Travis -.031 under.

The Super Street class had to, as Clint Eastwood would say, improvise, adapt, and overcome. Everything was going smoothly when the track lost power at the 1/4 mile beams. The problem, a result of growing pains with so much reworked electrical on the grounds, was repaired Monday with what seems like the last new components we could fit anywhere on the grounds. It's all new now but that didn't help Saturday night. Super Street racers ran their usual 1/4 mile for the first 2 rounds and then voted to finish out the race 1/8th mile instead of splitting the purse. In the end David Sheley took home the prize.

David Sheley    Mark Nunnelley

The Super Street finals pitted Mark Nunnelley, who had also won 2 rounds in Modified, against David Sheley. David wouldn't be denied. He dialed 6.62 and went 6.636 at 104.7 mph while Mark left the line too soon turning on the red.

The best reaction time of the night in the Junior Dragster category went to Alexis Hopkins who had a .007 R/T in the 2nd round. Alexis won another round before she met up with the eventual class winner, Dillon LeMaster. Lauren Skinner had the closest to the dial run of the evening going 8.721 on her 8.71 dial, only .011 from perfect. Matthew Miller had an .029 R/T 2nd round and kept up the pace all the way to the final race.

Dillon LeMaster   Matthew Miller

The Junior Dragster Finals saw Dillon LeMaster hitting the tree with an exceptional .022 R/T. Matthew was a bit later with a .107 light and drove his Jr -.063 too quick trying to make up the difference. Dillon took home the first points win going 8.019 on his 7.97 dial. Congratulations to all the competitors, especially the winners and runners-up.