Friday Night - July 12th - T/T Motorcycle Dial-In Trophy Winner



Summit Super Series & Track Points Race #5

The morning of July 13 began with everyone here enjoying a wedding for Travis Snowden and Cassie Smith. During the reception a light rain began. It looked like it would move out quickly but hung around for almost an hour. Rain didn't dampen the spirits of those who came for the Wedding but it did influence Cecil's ability to get the track scraped and prepped for the coming Points Race. Cecil, our track bite manager, did a splendid job and the surface was sticky as any National Event track's and ready to go close to our advertised starting time. However, after only 4 pairs or so of Open Time Runs... More Rain! The race could easily have been cancelled at this time but so many Points Races had already went down to rain and with so many Top Notch Bracket Cars on the grounds, the entire crew was motivated to get the event in the books. The hour of open time runs that was rescheduled at 5:30 went down in flames. By the time we got the track ready (after 3 rains) we revised the schedule to 2 Time Runs and race. Those Time Runs began around 8:00pm and after an 1/8th mile transmission fluid leak clean-up as well as 2 careful checks for seemingly blown motor smokers that thankfully didn't get anything on the track, 1st Round of Eliminations began at 11:05!


1st Rd. of Top ET saw many racers working out how to dial with a track that had been rained on 3 times prior to competition and as you'd assume the cream rose up by 2nd Rd. action. During 1st Rd. the 2 cars tied for best winning R/T. They were Travis Snowden who was also racing Modified without the box and #4913, each posting a .003 while #4913 had the best package going 5.118 on a 5.11 (add .003 is a .011 package). 2nd Rd racing began to heat up big time and stayed intense thru the finals. Michael Brown won 2nd with a .002 R/T as did #3911. Closest to dial 2nd Rd. Winners were #4913 .002 above, #3522 & #1997 both .003 above, #3911 .005 above,  #221 was .008 above, and #9X70 .009 above which is a great round when 5 other racers were .010 to the .0teens and all other winners were out of it with a great R/T but what made the round was Craig Hunter and Carl Drake who both had PERFECT DEAD ON WITH A ZERO runs, back to back in different lanes for wins in the round! Best package of the 2 went to Carl who was .006 on the tree! Carl Drake had the 2nd best R/T in the 3rd to back up his previous performance but the closest to perfect R/T went to #3772 who wasn't close, he was perfect, turning in a .000 R/T for the win light, another unreal performance during the event. 10 cars were left 4th Rd., R/T's for winners were .003, .004, .005, .011, & .014. You'd think it was the World Championship! Best package was #4913 who was .004 out and .008 above. In the 5th Rd. Brooke Warren and Carl Drake was the closest matchup; Brooke was .038 & Carl was .041 (.003 to Brooke), at the line Brooke was 4.462 on his 4.45 (.012 above) while Carl was 5.693 on his 5.68 dial (.013 above) making the margin a whopping .004 at the stripe. #9764 went 6.133 on his bye and dialed 6.13 in the 6th Rd. only to be overtaken by Brooke Warren who had a .011 to his .022 which set up the Finals. Brooke Warren and Joey Smith were the 2 finalist, Joey who you may know won the 50th Anniversary race on June 29 left first but went -.003 Red giving the win to Brooke who was 4.461 on a 4.45 dial.

Brooke Warren - Top ET Winner

Joey Smith - Top ET R/U


The 1st Rd. of Modified saw relatively par R/T's except Mason Hatton who posted a .013 light for an easy win. Mod 1st Rd. closest to the dial was Travis Snowden who was .010 above his 7.56 dial. Racing began to heat up during the 2nd Rd. as #2500 had a .005 R/T and Mason Hatton had another stellar light with a .006 on his bye. Closest to the dial 2nd Rd. was, again Travis Snowden who went 7.551, nearly perfect on his 7.55 dial. Randy Centers was also on top of his dial going 7.379 on his 7.37 dial. If you hadn't already realized, Travis Snowden wanted the Win on his Wedding Day and it showed up 3rd Rd. when he cut the tree down; .003 R/T and .012 above for the win. #2500 certainly wasn't giving any slack going 6.534 dead on a 6.53 dial. 4th Rd featured Travis Snowden's .011 R/T against a red light and moving him on into the finals. In the Finals Danny Updike proved he had a flair for his new Cutlass as he went 6.864, dead on his 6.86 with a .130 R/T while Travis had the better .053 R/T but broke out by .002 - 7.538 on the 7.54. Congrats to all competitors, especially the Winner & R/U - Pics Below

Danny / Earl Updike - Modified Winner

Travis Snowden - Modified R/U


Super & Junior Results coming soon - it's bedtime, i'll pick it up Friday morining