Summit Super Series & Track Points Race #2

Plus Dream Team Bracket Challenge

May 11, 2013

The morning of May 11 began as a misty, gloomy day and the parking areas were soaked by 6 out of 7 straight days of rain. The race could easily have been cancelled but rainouts for 3 Saturday Races in a row including 2 Points Races had the staff very motivated to get an event in the books and the decision was made... Lets Race! 3 rounds of Time Runs began at 3:00 including a "Run For A Mulligan" in Top ET and Modified on the final Time Run. The Mulligan allowed it's winner to re-enter the event any round up to Quarter Finals (5-8 cars) but wins after the Mulligan is used don't count as points unless it's used for the 1st round buy back. Top ET saw 2 contestants run Dead On the Dial; Brooke Warren went Dead-On his 4.47 with a zero and Trent Baker went Dead-On his 4.65 with a zero. The Top ET Mulligan went to Brooke Warren who was .022 R/T while Trent was -.003 red. An honorable mention goes to Joey Ramsey who went 5.681 on his 5.68 dial. In Modified Travis Arnett came in 2nd place going 7.273 on his 7.27 dial and the Mulligan went to Shawn Corman who turned in a 6.411, .001 above his 6.41 dial.

Modified's 1st Round saw Bobby Paul Arnett with the best reaction time with a .002 which gave him the bye next round. Closest to the dial 1st Rd was Shawn Corman who posted a 6.425 on a 6.42, .005 above. TX55 Travis Snowden was 2nd closest to the dial going 7.297 or the 7.29, .007 above. Both racers won their round. The other Dead-On the dials came in 3rd round when #307 (name coming) went 7.143 on a 7.14 and CX55 went 7.566 on the 7.56 and the 4th when Anthony Blackburn went 6.736 on the 6.73.

In the Semis Mason Hatton, 2X33, took on CX10, Anthony Blackburn, who'd received a 3rd round Bye with a .015 R/T in the 2nd and won 4th by running 6.736 on his 6.73 dial. Anthony had a .006 advantage out of the gate but ran well under while Mason went 7.031 on his 7.02 dial, .011 above for a trip to the Finals. The other Semi featured Moe Centers, MX77, who left the line .009 too early while Bobby Paul Arnett, 3X92, was .008 and coasted to the win.

In the end Modified rained out with Finals pending. The 2 racers who split the $1,000 purse made it by way of really good No-Box reaction times including an .021 in the first rd. and an .018 in the 2nd. for Mason and .002, .016, & .008 R/Ts for Bobby Paul showing outstanding performance throughout the event.

Modified Dream Team Results: 1st round; F-3 Wins, D-2 Wins, C-1 Win, E-1 Win / 2nd round; F-4 Wins, D-1 Win, E-1 Win / 3rd round F-4 Wins, E-1 Win, D-1 Win / 4th round; F-3 Wins, D-1 Win / 5th round; F-2 Wins

Total Points During Modified: F-16 Points, D-5 Points, E-3 Points, C-1 Point

Top ET had 44 cars in 1st round which was pretty good considering weather conditions. The best runs 1st round included Carl Drake who went 6.628 on his 6.62 and Joey Ramsey who went 5.675 on his 5.67, unfortunately both racers had to buy back. Winners with Dead-On runs 1st round were Michael Brown who went 6.066 on a 6.06, Erica Stormes who went 4.705 on the 4.70, Donnie Brown who went 4.720 on his 4.71 and turned in the best package of the round when combined with his .007 R/T making his a .017 package and next round Bye, and Ken Sullivan who had the 2nd best package going 4.962 on a 4.96 and .016 on the tree making his package total .018.

In 2nd round 5 Top ET racers went dead on with a .003 including Ricky Roe's 5.963, Erica Stormes' 4.683, Phil Fleming's 5.493, Dwayne Blair's 4.893, and Chris Smith's 6.173. Chris also had a hold of the Tree with a .006 R/T making a .009 package which tied best package 2nd round with Ken Sullivan who went 4.965 on a 4.96 dial and turned in a .004 R/T for another .009 package. Sydney Short made honorable mention by turning in a 6.128 on her 6.12 dial.

Round 3 saw 5 Dead-On runs. The first was Dwayne Blair who went 4.896 on a 4.89 but unfortunately lost on a .002 red. Brooke Warren went 4.509 on his 4.50. Erica Stormes went 4.675 on her 4.67 and if you're keeping score that was 3 in a row; .005, .003, & .005, Erica was outstanding. Chris Butcher, who had joined points earlier in the day, went 6.122, only .002 above. The best race in round 3 was between Josh Reed and Keith Purvis, Keith had an .005 R/T to a .015 in the Left Lane, Keith stopped the timers with a 6.272 on his 6.26 while Josh Reed made the only perfect Dead-On with a zero during competition going 5.060 on the same dial and taking the win light.

Due to a unforeseen downpour around 10:45 there were only 4 rounds completed in Top ET. In the 4th Dale Fleming went 6.815 on his 6.81 but was red out of the gate. Todd Brown went 4.855 on a 4.85 and moved into the split. Josh Reed went 5.054 on a 5.05 and a .019 R/T made his the best package of the round backing up his perfect run the round prior. The best Reaction Times were in the same pair 4th round. Bobby Paul Arnett left with a .002 light and went .026 above while Ken Chapman, the only motorcycle in the field, had a .005 light and went .019 for the .004 margin win.

The last racers standing as the track became soaked were Ricky Roe, Todd Brown, Ken Chapman, Ken Sullivan, Josh Reed, Erica Stormes, and Brooke Warren who had lost in the 4th round but was back in competition complements of the Mulligan he won earlier in the day.

Top ET Dream Team Results: 1st round; G-7 Wins, F-4 Wins, D-3 Wins, C-3 Wins, E-3 Wins / 2nd round; F-4 Wins, C-3 Wins, E-2 Wins, G-2 Wins, J-2 Wins, D-1 Win / 3rd round; G-2 Wins, F-2 Wins, D-1 Win / 4th round; G-1 Win, F-1 Win, D-1 Win

Total Points During Top ET: G-12 Points, F-11 Points, C-6 Points, D-6 Points, E-5 Points, J-2 Points

Junior Dragster also rained out when the Finals were set. During 1st round 322X had the best R/T with a .031 light. In 2nd round 2 cars were .024 above the dial, 354X and 007X but 354X had the better package with a .022 R/T. The best light during 2nd round went to 1999 who left .010 green. All 3 mentioned won their pairing. Break-Outs were the norm during 3rd round when 5 or 6 cars went too fast and 2 cars won on double Break-Outs. The 4th round was Semi Finals and 354X went 8.755 on a 8.73 dial for the win and a chance to take on 1999 who had a .004 R/T on his Bye into the Finals.

Junior Dragster Dream Team Total Points: J-4 Wins/Points, C-3 Wins/Points

Super Street was also down to it's Finals when the weather hit. Rounds 1 and 2 saw mediocre runs and reactions but by 3rd round they turned up the intensity. During 3rd round Mark Nunnelley dialed 12.60 and went 12.609 Dead-On and 401 went .025 above for his win. It was also those 2 racers who prevailed during the 4th round and were set for the Finals.

Super Street Dream Team Total Points: D-4 Wins/Points, C-2 Wins/Points


CHAMPION TEAM - Derby Day Divas #F-27 Points, 16 in Mod, 11 in Top - Bobby Arnett, Randy Centers, Chris Butcher, Michael Brown, Donnie Brown, Anthony Blackburn, Mason Hatton, & Ken Sullivan

2ND PLACE TEAM - The Dream Team #D-15 Points, 6 in Top, 5 in Mod, 4 in Street - Chad Cornish, Travis Arnett, Steven Arnett, Ricky Roe, Shawn Corman, Moe Centers, Chris Moore, & Mark Nunnelley

3RD PLACE TEAMs (TIE BETWEEN #C & #G) - Apple Dumpling Gang #C-12 Points, 6 in Top, 3 in Jr, 2 in Street, 1 in Mod - Dwayne Blair, Craig Hunter, Gene Stanley, Jeff Brown, Jim Shehan, Taylor Richardson, Kenneth Richardson, & Seldon Brewer.  -  Walt's Runts #G-12 Points, All in Top ET - Nick Warren, Brooke Warren, Erica Stormes, Josh Baker, Shane Blackburn, Sydney Short, Cotton Short, & Beth Ann Atkinson.

5TH PLACE TEAM - Our Gang Team #E-8 Points, 5 in Top, 3 in Mod - Chris Smith, Keith Purvis, Mike Whitlock, Tony Tabor, Cassie Smith, Travis Snowden (Doubled-Top & Mod), & Ricky Fritts.

6TH PLACE TEAM - Friends of Coal #J-6 Points, 4 in Jr, 2 in Top - Carl Drake, Carl McClanahan, Brian Thomas, Tyler Deskins, Phil Fleming, Dylan LeMaster, Joey Ramsey, & Marty Newsome.

We had a great time despite the muddy pits and gloomy morning. We only wish that nighttime shower had missed us!