AUG. 3 & 4, 2013

This event was another in long streak of 2013 Saturday rainouts but we were fortunate enough to have a Gamblers race on Friday and a great Sunday. On Saturday the rains came in at the end of 2nd Rd. so we split the purse among those remaining in competition. There were 8 left in Modified and 33 left in Top ET. Below are some of the results...

Friday Night Gamblers Winner - Chris Moore

On Sunday the program got underway with some great action. By 3rd Rd. there were 14 pairs left plus a bye and of those we had 5 drivers go .00 on the tree and 10 were .01 R/T. The track must have picked up by the 3rd as 9 different drivers were -.00 under, only 1 of which won due to a red in the other lane. The eventual Runner up was Tim Klopfenstein who was .006 above 4th Rd with a .019 R/T, .001 above 5th Rd. with a .032 R/T, .012 above with a .001 R/T 6th Rd. and .012 above with a .013 R/T in the Finals. The event winner was Jeremy Bargo who had both his Dragster and S-10 Truck in competition but the Truck was tops in the field. Jeremy had the bye 4th with a .005 R/T in the 3rd. In the 5th he was .010 above and .027 out, he was .004 above in the 6th with a .020 R/T, and in the Finals Jeremy was .010 above and .008 R/T for a great package and a .007 margin of victory.

After this event a bracket racer questioned our timing equipment and many of our racers have heard about it over the chat pages. We did not see any obvious problems and the main talk was from a red on a very shallow stage. We weren't sure the car moved or didn't but, not taking any chances, we have changed out a weak scoreboard driver on the right lane which has nothing to do with timing, put new data boards in the tree, put a new interface in the tower, serviced our computers, and reengineered some wiring plus we will reset the roll-out prior to the Hillbilly so that any questions concerning our timing has been addressed. FYI many tracks have gone to systems that incorporate "stage lock" which locks the lights on until the pre-stage is open, this will keep a car locked in stage even if it rolls after fully staging. We don't use "stage lock".

In the No-Box Modified category Ed Beyer Jr. was on fire and all over the Tree. 2nd Rd. Ed was .008 above on an .019 R/T, he was on the bye 3rd. were he had a perfect .000 R/T, he was .023 above on a .006 R/T 4th Rd., got a red in the other lane 5th Rd., and in the Finals went red out of the gate losing to Mark Nunnelley. Mark had his "Eyes on the Prize" Sunday and with his thoughts on his friend Joey, Mark made his way to the Finals by going dead on .002 2nd Rd., .029 R/T against a red light 3rd, .014 above on a .23 R/T 4th Rd., had the bye 5th, and had his best package in the Finals; .006 R/T and Dead on with a .009 for the win. Mark won for Joey and gave the beautiful trophy to Scotty and Dallas Clark after the event. BTW; Mark says that Patty, our computer operator who had surgery a few weeks ago is up and around! Hopefully she'll be back soon.

Junior Dragsters had tough competition Sunday with 11 entries in 2nd Rd. The Finals featured "lil" Phil Combs and Kaitlyn Miller. Kaitlyn took the Win going 8.128 on her 8.11 dial. We have to mention that Saturday we had a "Dial for Dollars" during the final time trial in which all classes were combined and 1/2 the pot would go to the closest to their dial. Top ET had 2 racers that were .003 above and thought the best R/T of the 2 would take home the purse but Junior Dragster Kenny Richardson ran a perfect run, dead on with a zero and showed the big boys who was boss!